Jamie Dornan



Catalin Josan, Don’t Wanna Miss You Tonight….

Catalin’s song   “Don’t Wanna Miss You”  is one of the hit songs of this summer, my favourite so far… one of those songs that you listen to when you feel like relaxing under the sun on the beach.

His music is simple, undoubtedly pop and melodic.

Catalin was born 24 years ago in Moldavia and becoming a huge star in Romania after winning a competition named: Megastar.

Da Striscia La Notizia…

Just found some pictures in the archive of my computer of some celeb. met in the past f.shows!!!

They work in a tv programme called Striscia La Notizia!!!very interesting and funny  ‘bout not being deceit, slurps on programmes,imitation of celebrities ecc..

Ezio Greggio,Nina Senicar,Juliana Moreira, a Bombazza and Dario Ballantini here as “Valentino”!!

for those who live in Italy never missed it every day at 9.00 p.m.!