Music Monday

The song’s positive lyrics and punchy beat definitely puts me in a great mood. I’m constantly listening to upbeat tunes to get me motivated. One of my favorites to get me amped up for the week is “Up Up Up” by Givers.

Jack Jaselli

Introducing to you this Italian songwriter born in 1980 in Milan, singer and guitar player. After been pretty almost all over the world from the U.S.A to Australia this surfer globetrotter get  a degree in philosophy and decide to dedicate himself just to his music.

After years spent working for music productions and playing live pretty much everywhere in Italy, Jack decided it was time for the full committment to his own thing. That’s when it all started: the release of the first single “The House In Bali” and the search for his band “The Great Vibes Foundation”.

His song ” I’ll Call You” to me, it’s just perfect perfection. 

I can’t stop playing it!!



For more info contact:

His Facebook page.

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Lace Up!

“Time to step your game up and get ready to rage”

For those of you who have never heard of him:

Richard Colson Baker is a 22 year old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio his stage name is  Machine Gun Kelly  or  Mgk, released his album today. Grab a copy and support this rising star!

Recently this is my favourite.

My pleasure to introduce to you : CATS

Yesterday they’re performance was just super cool, pure energy 100%  a total blast for eveyone that was there!! Cats is psychedelic-rock band from Milano, Italy.
 Francesco Mele (voice-guitars), Francesco Zanotti on (bass-guitar), Theo Hall (Cello and piano), Diego Angelico Escobar on (Drums and Percussion) and Simone Cossettini on (Guitars).
The band recently  play  also in New York and Paris. Conquering the all world ‘ll be the next move!? …i hope so ‘cause they re just brilliant!

Here they’re website :

if u want to hear some of they’re track check this:

Frank Ocean.

Serious Waves.

Real name,Christopher Breaux.

He turned 24 on October 28th, Frank celebrated his birthday by going mountain hiking with his brother and mother. He ‘s not much of a party animal. However, one of the most talented solo artists to emerge in 2011 and looks set to dominate in 2012 when his debut solo album comes out via Atlantic Records.Turning numerous jobs at any one time, networking like a pro, he was a kid with a dream who dropped out of college and began writing songs for a living. Selling over one thousand tracks to a number of international recording artists, he has written for the likes of Justin Bieber, Brandy and John Legend. Releasing his own massively acclaimed, multi-million downloaded mix-tape Nostalgia, Ultra earlier this year, Frank recently collaborated with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye.