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Passion 4 Sk8er Boys!

Lately i m seeing ‘round a lot of skaters and i think “damn wanna skate again so bad !!!!”it so fun,and especially now with this good weather it s the top!!but i leave this “hard” job to people that actually know how to do it way more better than me!!!(Even though i have to say that a couple of years ago i was quite good!!now i m getting lazy..n did some1 saw my skateboard somewhere ‘round the city??? :D)



..probably Brian!!..or Travis?!

Simon and Terron

Brian or Travis Davenport

credit for the 1st image!Julian Sch.

Male Models Style!

During f.week it s always nice to see how models create their own style!.

Sean O’Pry outside Ferragamo

Nils Butler after Armani

Moritz Garlich after Iceberg with his chic Alexander Mc Queen scarf.

Miguel Iglesias… very sporty.

Jonathan Marquez outside Dolce e Gabbana

Travis Davenport

and Joan Pedrola

Marlon and Alexandre