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Male Models Style!

During f.week it s always nice to see how models create their own style!.

Sean O’Pry outside Ferragamo

Nils Butler after Armani

Moritz Garlich after Iceberg with his chic Alexander Mc Queen scarf.

Miguel Iglesias… very sporty.

Jonathan Marquez outside Dolce e Gabbana

Travis Davenport

and Joan Pedrola

Marlon and Alexandre

Sunday Morning!!

The sun today it s spectacular!!Whooop Whoop!! Recap of what happend this magninficent week!(with some pictures!)

…take me back to this moments..

Talking with Nils after Armani(paparazzo pict,cut me) Snap, Olivia Palermo after Zegna, River posing with his pants…lmfao…

finally met my fav. model blogger Cesar in the backstage of Etro, Sean and Sam after Armani, Jeremy n Marcel after Nicola Farhi show,

talking the  golden boy Gen after Ferragamo (the paparazzo picture,cut me again), and Janice tring to understand how my camera works??!!.lol……