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Books are safer than Tv.

Sometimes we don’t know the real worth of simple books.

We don’t know the worth of words. They say a picture paints a thousand words

but words paint more pictures in your mind than anything else.

In order: Johannes Niermann/Enrico Coveri Backstage S/S 2012-13/Gen Huismans.

You shine so bright!!Gen Huismans!

He s like a star,kinda remind me of th prince charming in!!don t u think so???!!!my today crush!!!This Netherland man!   thanks to illika,inside Ferragamo show,

check this also!!! 😉 Portrait by me!!!!!!!!!!!

Passion 4 Sk8er Boys!

Lately i m seeing ‘round a lot of skaters and i think “damn wanna skate again so bad !!!!”it so fun,and especially now with this good weather it s the top!!but i leave this “hard” job to people that actually know how to do it way more better than me!!!(Even though i have to say that a couple of years ago i was quite good!!now i m getting lazy..n did some1 saw my skateboard somewhere ‘round the city??? :D)



..probably Brian!!..or Travis?!

Simon and Terron

Brian or Travis Davenport

credit for the 1st image!Julian Sch.

Carlo Pignatelli Outside F/W 2011-’12

Carlo Pignatelli show was so chic and romantic at the same time,love the orange jacket different from the rest,i love how just the most simple suite can trasform  a normal man into the most desiderable prince charming! I think! 😉