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The Cool man: Julian Schratter

Born 11 April of  1989 ( Happy happy bday !! ) in San Mateo, California, USA.
Schratter is another male model worth watching as his career develops. He’s a graduate of Aragon High School in San Mateo, California, who’s been modeling since the age of 17, as well as working behind the camera as a photographer.

check his amazing work at:

Inhale love, exhale hate and LOVE YOUR FRIENDS.

Alex and Rj

Abbey Lee and Joan

Tobi and Paolo

Sofia  and Alla.

Rafal and Juan Manuel

Kate King

Rj and Taras

Clement,Brian and Pete.

Cara and….?

Johannes and Taras

Marlon and Alexandre

Alexander and Josh

Pete and Taras

…oh gosh this post is so nice that, i’m melting….lol…

Jacob and Jake.

Pete Bolton.

Happy Birthday PETE!!

Born in Leeds 24 years ago this young British super nice guy, has been the face of Gas Jeans, Byblos, Algini and Hamaki-Ho and for the fall winter 2011 2012 campaign of Strellson.  Pete’s editorial bookings include i-D, Contributing Editor, Schon!, Pen, GQ Style Italy,GQ Russia, Arena Homme and  appeared on the catwalk of Z Zegna, Dolce Gabanna and Roberto Cavalli in  Milan S/S 2011-’12  fashion week. Look for Pete’s star to rise even higher in 2012,this fantasic English man is definetely one to watch 😉 .

In 2009 at Byblos Presentation

In GQ Russia  September 2011

At  Cavalli

In the Strellson Campaign

Outside Dolce & Gabbana….

talking with Sam…

here with Brian,

this way….please

On a paper…

Find the photo of this drawing on

Preview Of Boys Of Milan S/S 2011-’12

Justin Wu ‘ll air his new video with the Boys Of Milan in these days!!..(i already know what is the song..) n i have been lucky enough to see some of the guys that ‘ll be on it!! The only thing that i can say is IT ‘LL BE SO COOL as Justin is!!!

Passion 4 Sk8er Boys!

Lately i m seeing ‘round a lot of skaters and i think “damn wanna skate again so bad !!!!”it so fun,and especially now with this good weather it s the top!!but i leave this “hard” job to people that actually know how to do it way more better than me!!!(Even though i have to say that a couple of years ago i was quite good!!now i m getting lazy..n did some1 saw my skateboard somewhere ‘round the city??? :D)



..probably Brian!!..or Travis?!

Simon and Terron

Brian or Travis Davenport

credit for the 1st image!Julian Sch.