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Anja Konstantinova,Giving Shorter Girls Everywhere A Little Hope.

here in the Wildfox Coutoure Swimwear.

This 21  year old girl Russian born Aussie stunner Anja Konstantinova, have to work extra hard to gain her rightful place in the modelling industry, there is just one small hurdle – her height!  (she’s only 163cm).

I have no doubt that she’s going to be a major success. I think that everyone’s bored of the norm and looking for something a bit different. But with the Spring/Summer 2012 show season just 1 month away, what realistic chance does the even more petite Konstantinova have on the international circuit?

……i don’t really think she will be in Milan next month…..UNFORTUNATELY!only time ‘ll tell if i’m wrong..or right!
Who Knows?