“I see the night sky as a jewellery store window”

Night Sky by Nancy Adjei

Merry Christmas!

Want to wish to each one of you a joyful day, make it the most with the people you love,there is no such a material gift that you can compare with having an amazing person on your side,whether is your lover,parent or close friends. Enjoy

Christmas Cookies


The best gifts are made with love!

Mi piacciono i difetti nelle persone…

c’è qualcosa che mi affascina nel trovare le parti più nascoste oneste di chi sono, la crudezza nella loro verità, cicatrici che hanno raccolto : dolore ; storie  e l’umorismo mi chiedo spesso dove trovano la felicità e come riescono a sorridere anche quando la loro anima e angosciata?

Credo ci voglia una grande forza Interiore credo sia la parola chiave.

Inside happiness s the most important thing in us

I like flaws in people. the most honest parts of who they are. the rawness in their truth. scars they’ve collected. pain. stories. humor. where they find happiness. when they smile even when they ache.

What is your highest calling and are you living it daily?

It is the nature of life to serve and that every living thing exists like an answer to something else. The trees don’t eat their own fruit, the rivers don’t drink their own waters and I believe that when you live with deep understanding that your life’s purpose isn’t about you, that awareness and your actions helps to bring balance to the world we live in.

Your purpose is tied up with  the destiny of others. If you give up on yourself you take them down with you. You are important, you are necessary, fulfilling your potential is imperative. We change the world, each life at a time, beginning with our own, by becoming our highest potential.

Concern for the world should extend outside of yourself, as no one exists in isolation from the environment they inhabit.