Spend more time beautyfing your spirit instead of exhausting your i-phone camera

There are endless fashion and make up blogs that give great advice to women, however, while browsing through these blogs it occurred to me that there is a culture of talking about shopping but not about delayed gratification or financial wisdom. We talk about hair products but we don’t talk about the importance of ownership of your mind, body and property. (By property I don’t mean shoes, I mean investments that bring back returns.)

We share advice on how to be consumers but not givers or investors. We talk about relationships (usually to do with men) but not about relationships with ourselves. Quite honestly, some of these blogs don’t make me feel good. The subtext of a lot of these images circulating online are very suggestive about how we should feel about ourselves, how we should look or what kind of lifestyle we should aspire to. We naturally internalize what we open ourselves up to and to me a lot of these images say, ‘ As a woman, your life purpose is to be pretty, trendy and desirable to a man’.

Everything to do with women is generally portrayed in relation to men, womanhood is defined and policed by hetrocentrism and patriarchy. In addition to this, it was absurd to me that someone could be popular not because they had anything of substance to say or add to the world, but because they were “pretty” and posted “pretty” pictures of themselves. This is not a judgment, this is a challenge on what we accept and worship. I found it deeply upsetting to see on one of these blogs someone anonymously ask the blogger, “What’s it like to be pretty?” This genuinely left me hurt and sad. There is so much subtext in that question. Who are we allowing to define us and why have we given this faceless thing the authority to do so?

I want to make it clear, i don’t judge or condemn fashion blogs or anything of that kind, i just feel that balance is incredibly important.  Articles that suggest ‘5 fast ways to lose weight’ or new diet trends are not focused on the well being of women, they are focused on helping women chase the phantom in their heads. The subtext of such articles and advertisements encourage women to harm themselves in order to fit ideals dictated by someone else. I don’t believe in diets we believe in living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I don’t believe in quick fixes, i believe in the importance of self- investment.

Be You



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