Make up should enhance beauty not create it

Brace yourselves.

As i said make up is supposed to be used as a tool to enhance women’s features. But i know some women take it to the point of no return… The make up is no longer make up,it is straight up magic, the transformation is mind blowing!

Just look at this : fake lashes, fake hair, contact lens, tons of foundation/concelear/contouring….oh sweet Lord is just too much for me!

Jennie Jenkins make up transformation

All this youtube “make up artist” it ‘s a reflection of the ideals or ideas that govern the lives of the vloggers(and that’s not a bad thing, that’s just their choice and that’s fine).

It is trendy and it is a lifestyle that is attractive to society. It has become the status quo.

Vlogging has become apart of this culture when it comes to women. Part of the reason, I think, is because,  women are indoctrinated from childhood that their value is in the way they look. Everything around us from day one affirms to us that our purpose is to be desirable for a man. Our purpose is to be “the observed” and so we are encouraged to spend much of our time altering ourselves so that we are “attractive” objects.

The issue at hand is that there are not enough voices challenging this in the form of vlogs and blogs, and if you are not a critical thinker you will buy into it. The advice is great but often it is not balanced. Beauty topics seem to be the only or at least the most prominent dialogue going on between women on such platforms and for me that is scary and ridiculous. It’s a mask. Your cover your face with expensive face paint that makes your complexion smoother and your blemishes invisible. Not that this is a particularly bad thing. In my honest opinion Make-up and nail polish could never be that deep for me,  I personally want to know I have the confidence in myself to know I could go out everyday without the shield of make up to protect me. I want to know I am comfortable in my own skin however, I respect the knowledge these women have, its commendable.

Stay Beautiful and remeber Less iS More!

“The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing women that they looked better in their makeup.” – Macklemore.


4 thoughts on “Make up should enhance beauty not create it

  1. Nancy, there are so many things you can do about it to keep your naturalness and envelop you in no superficiality , I ‘ll give you some ideas:

    1 No pretend that everyone is like you, if the beautiful JJ is happy with what he does and teaches other women to get ready and enjoy life as you think best , God bless it and let it be happily ever after ..
    2 Because you’re not like JJ, you can incribirte in animal rescue brigades in environmental campaigns , helping the poor children of the world . These campaigns will keep you so busy that you will not have time to think at all the other girls who have other missions in this world.
    3 Remember that less is more , ie less youtube feed will keep you away from your jealousy by the other women fashionistas increasing your self-esteem and understanding that everyone is not equal .
    4 Find your mission in this world so that you can know true happiness .
    PS: Every woman has a different mission to fulfill in this world and it seems that the mission of the beautiful JJ is teaching makeup to large nuemero women who love this art, and if she is happy and makes happy so many girls , is because she was born for this.

    • Well… my post basically was just about reminding other girls that less is more! you don’t need to put all that amount of make up every single day in order to be/feel beautiful, im not envious of her (why should i?) everyone one as you stated have a diff. mission on this world, im glad of her success good for her, im living my life she living hers… as we say here” ad ognuno il suo” Have a great day.

    • Thank you! i do have nothing against her, i think she ‘s beautiful and she do her own makeup in a excellent way but for me she just overdoes it a bit for every day i think! (Hope it make sense lol)


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