“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”

Most people consider silence to be uncomfortable and something to be avoided. Think back to any times you turned the TV on just for background noise, so you didn’t feel alone. But have you ever taken the time to wonder why you felt the need to do that? Why you aren’t comfortable to sit and enjoy the silence?

One of the most common reasons is fear, fear of yourself, of your mind and thoughts. Without noise there is nothing to drown out your fears, problems and mind chatter. Instead of facing these things head on we often prefer to avoid confrontation. A good method to combat this and learn to love silence is meditation. Meditation is a wonderful practice to introduce into your life, with a myriad of both physical and mental benefits; one of the main ones being silence. When you learn to master your mind, and come to the realisation that you aren’t your thoughts, merely an observer of them, silence no longer seems intimidating. In fact it becomes quiet the opposite, you realise that silence is beautiful.

Since I came to this realisation I’ve found myself in situations where I was aware of an awkward silence taking place. Intuitively I could tell the person I was with was suffering from it, but I on the other hand was not. This was the moment I realised that awkward silences are simply a myth, a mental construct. Brought about by ones inability or reluctance to become immersed in silence.

Silence is the plateau upon which one is confronted with ones true self. Once you are able to face yourself with love and compassion, silence becomes a life long companion.

Tanja Dzjahileva drawing



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