“Try a little harder to be a little better.”

You will never know what a person has gone through to end up where they are now, sometimes their stories are funny, sometimes they’re crushing. We can’t help but stereotype complete strangers by certain prerequisites; their ethnicity, their clothes, their body art, how attractive they are, or what kind of body they have, their religion… Don’t get me wrong though, due to a distinct lack of originality, authenticity and free thinking these days, most people can very easily be grouped in one hand or the other. But you don’t have to spend a day with them or become best friends with everyone you meet, you can easily asses the character of someone within the first few sentences of conversation with them and decide whether they fit into your worldly schema or not, and most of the time they will, but the occasions when your preconceived notions of someone are thrown back in your face are so profound that they outweigh all the times you were right about others.

People experience the entire spectrum of human emotions in very different ways, and sometimes it’s only by actually talk to someone that you find out the nondescript person who was siting opposite you on the train is actually one of the most memorable characters you’ll meet this month/year/life.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing random acts of human kindness in this world.



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