Words have the power to uplift or punish. It’s your choice.

Most of us are aware of the power words have to uplift others but we tend to ignore the power it has to also destroy others. All around the world numerous souls are abused by words daily. As friends, family members, or relationship partners we often say things we don’t mean and assume saying sorry will heal it. We often speak out of anger freely without considering the power of what comes out of our mouth.    Your words can cut deep and be a greater negative force than any physical pain can ever be. Words are capable of being memorized, they are capable of penetrating thoughts…Verbal abuse has been taking too lightly in this world. It is also a form of bullying that is often ignored.
The words that come out of our mouth have power. Speak life into others’ life instead of death. Be positive. Words matter, use them wisely.



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