The Brilliant Creator Of The Fashionist, Fosco Giulianelli.

Italian photographer and street-style blogger, down to earth with a vivacious personality who has been living in Sweden for 15 years,appearing in numerous spot tv,programms and working for the most influent Italian people and brands including : Lapo Elkann (advertising his Alfa Romeo Italian Indipendent) during  2011  Milan Fashion Week he presented a documentary for Finland television about models lifestyle, Diego Dolcini shoes designer, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani and Italian most famous blogger Chiara Ferragni (just to name a few).

The first thing that caught my attention in his pictures, is that he embrace the simplicity of an outfit, Fosco captures the essential of a perfect look or a detail.

Everytime he discovers a person wearing something interesting, he takes out his camera and gathers some shots for his blog,  it’s all about colours,style,accessories keyword: innovation and originality.  It’s not about being  a famous person,  it’s being proud of  who you are, making your style unique, It make you stand out from the crowd,well.. that  is the n’1 most important thing to him.

Check his website :

2 thoughts on “The Brilliant Creator Of The Fashionist, Fosco Giulianelli.

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