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Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.

The thoughts that manifest from within that have that ability, they are the ones that act like a drug, and they are the ones that can make you physically feel your body changing from within. This isn’t an essay on existentialism, but the most fundamental part of actually getting up and changing yourself, or the world around you, is the belief that you can do it! Anything worth doing is worth changing yourself for, and anything worth changing yourself for will take years to do so. But most of us are too used to instant gratification; we’re so used to 30 second microwave meals, 5 minute bus schedules and next day deliveries that we can’t see the worth of choosing the longer path. Don’t get me wrong, those conveniences are good, but not when they prevent people from changing themselves. No, you probably won’t accomplish what you want in a day, or a week, or a month; but then again, the end isn’t the goal, changing yourself is the goal, the end is simply a by-product of you changing yourself, and one day you’ll look back and you will see the distance you have travelled, and you will be overwhelmed.

  • You want to lose weight? Get off your computer or sofa right now and run 2 miles. Do that every day. Don’t think, just do.
  • You’re always angry? Be kind. Smile more. Take up a sport.
  • You feel stressed? Inhale nature, instead of just simply breathing. Look at the sky instead of staring at your feet. Be pragmatic, deal with the source(s) of your stress, instead of allowing it to consume you.
  • You’re not a creative person? Buy some paintbrushes, an A3 pad of oil painting paper, and five colours of oil paints and paint every single day.

It is in thinking that we solidify our failure, who you are is the person that you have chosen to become. Unfetter you mind from the suffocating gravity of apathy, lethargy and fear. Humans have an almost infinite capacity for change. Nothing feasible is impossible, and many things will seem impossible…until they are done.