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Music Monday

The song’s positive lyrics and punchy beat definitely puts me in a great mood. I’m constantly listening to upbeat tunes to get me motivated. One of my favorites to get me amped up for the week is “Up Up Up” by Givers.


I’ve come to realise that perfection exists everywhere in the world. The only problem is that, as humans, we can and will always imagine something that is more perfect than perfection…which is a doubled edged sword I suppose.

Perfection, as an average human would describe it, doesn’t exist, like alchemy and freedom of speech. It’s just a twisted and grotesque word when uttered by anyone without a beautiful soul.

Nobody's Perfect

Crop Tops

As temperatures begin to soar, this casual cool pair is a sure way to beat the heat. And while these tops may seem to be overly baring, you can easily tame it with the perfect high-waist bottoms. It’s time to show some skin!!!

Scroll on below for some inspiration on how to crop it like it’s hot!


Kenza Zouiten




Angelica Blick

angelica blick

Alana Ruas

Alana Ruas

and Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

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